Since you are interested in hiring a professional garden maintenance company, you likely are already aware of the importance of your exterior environment.  You understand how the space around your house affects your sense of ‘home’. 

At Estate Landscape Management, when we assess how we will care for your garden, we look at a number of things.  We look at your tastes in color and texture of plant material.  We look at how you use the garden - a private retreat?, a place to entertain?  We also look at the style of your home.  We get to know what sort of feeling you are looking for in your garden.  All this goes into creating a garden that is a reflection of you.  A garden that will call to you, and inspire you.

When this level of care is given to a garden it becomes an integral and important part of our home.  It becomes our refuge from civilization.  It counteracts the effects of the hectic and distracting world that we live in, and becomes vitally important to our sense of balance.  It is a handy and often overlooked source for healing and rest.

Obviously we see gardening as much, much more than pulling weeds and pruning shrubs.  Whether or not your garden has been professionally designed, the investment you’ve put into your landscape needs to be maintained and developed.  Mother Nature never rests in reclaiming what is hers, and in a short time you could be left starting over from the beginning.  Our job is to work with her for your benefit. The ultimate goal is to create a garden that will interact with you in the most pleasing and joyful manner possible.

Please let us know how we can help.


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