• Estate Landscape Management protects your investment by visiting your garden at a minimum of once per week.  This frequency allows us to closely monitor plant health, and to catch any problems early.  It also keeps the garden looking its best all the time, rather than going through peaks and valleys of tidiness and disarray.
  • You will have the same head gardener and crew every week.  This allows you to get to know the crew, and the crew gets to know you.  The gardeners also get to know the garden intimately, which makes for better efficiency, and better continuity of service.
  • We employ organic gardening methods ninety-nine percent of the time.  We have experienced the benefits of using organic methods in the landscape over many years.  Nothing beats it. 
  • We also closely monitor and adjust your irrigation system so that you’re not wasting water or adversely affecting plant health.  We are also able to make small repairs to the irrigation system as needed.
  • We employ various advanced pruning techniques to maintain plant size, and to maintain or develop character in plant material.  This is critical in maintaining or enhancing the original design concept of your landscape.
  • We can also design, plant, and care for your patio pots and containers.
  • We are completely dedicated to our clients.  This means that we never oversell our services.  We will always have enough time to properly care for your space.  We are also able to readjust our schedule to accommodate any special needs you may have such as that weekend outdoor dinner party, or your daughter’s wedding on the back patio. 
Please let us know how we can be of service.

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